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Our practice philosophy is to be of service and to engage with the client in a team approach to the wellness of their companion animal.  This requires an understanding of the expectations and belief systems of the client, as well as an assessment of the animal's health needs.  We are committed to providing you and your animal with our best effort during the healing process. You are encouraged to be an active partner  by learning as much as you can about the treatments we use, keeping detailed records about the animal's progress, and communicating your needs and concerns to us.

Our education and experience as conventional veterinarians allows us to assess each case thoroughly based on physical examination and the interpretation of x-rays, lab work, and ultrasound exams. After this has been done, we rely on our advanced training in homeopathy and acupuncture to develop  a specific, individualized  treatment program  that will safely and gently assist your animal's return to health.

To seek holistic medicine for your animal, is to begin a journey towards toward healing and wellness. Because the animal's health problems usually developed over a period of time, the PROCESS of returning an animal to an improved state of health requires time.  Therefore, COMMITMENT and PATIENCE are critical to the success of the case.

To better understand the process go to Holistic Treatment Process.