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Homeopathy is at the center of our treatment focus at Holistic Care for Animals. A system of medicine over 200 years old, homeopathy stimulates the body to heal itself.   Homeopathic medicines, called remedies, are derived from natural sources. If a large dose of the raw material were given to a healthy individual, their effect would create an illness similar to that which the corresponding homeopathic remedy would help to correct or heal. There are over 3000 homeopathic remedies. To arrive at the  remedy that is the most appropriate (similar) to the case, requires careful evaluation of all symptoms exhibited by the animal. 
For a more comprehensive explanation and history of homeopathy please see
Homeopathic Overview.


Most simply stated, acupuncture (Latin:acus-needle, punctura-puncture) is the stimulation of specific points on the body which have the ability to alter various biochemical and physiological conditions as a means of helping the body heal itself.  Acupuncture has been used successfully for nearly 4,000 years on animals as well as humans. As a matter of fact, it is still the treatment of choice for one quarter of the world's population. Acupuncture works primarily through the central nervous system affecting the musculoskeletal, hormonal, and cardiovascular systems. Acupuncture increases circulation, causes release of many of the body's natural pain killers, called endorphins, and other neurohormones and neurotransmitters. In addition to relieving pain, acupuncture relieves muscle spasms, stimulates nerves and the body's immune system, and treats individual organ system disorders.

Veterinary Orthopedic Manipulation  (VOM)

Spinal disorders  are fairly common sources of pain and resulting physical limitations for animals.   Vertebral subluxations that contribute to these problems can be addressed and corrected in  different ways.  We prefer the  “low force” technique, using the Activator Method. This is a highly effective, gentle and safe  method of spinal adjusting.   A hand-held adjusting instrument, called the Activator, is used to deliver a precisely controlled, light thrust to the subluxated vertebra.  The action is quick and  the adjustment is completed before the animal's natural tendency to tighten up is initiated.  Immediate results, such as relief from pain can sometimes be seen with VOM treatments.


Good nutrition is a prerequisite for good health for humans and animals alike.  Many diseases and illnesses can be linked to inadequate diets. And the healing process can be compromised if the nutritional state of the animal is not addressed.  We promote the use of natural diets, preferably home made raw food diets, combined with whole food supplements.

These methods of treatment require a good understanding of what happens during the Treatment Process..